Thursday, 20 May 2010

My News

Well Ladies
not sure if this is good news or not LOL!!
A Friend near to where I work ...he is arts and crafts but doesnt sell my sort of thing....... the one who I made the decoupage sheets for
has asked me if I would like a stall on June 5th as he is doing a craft fair
its a great price and dont really want to say no
but that only leaves me a couple of weeks to make some cards to I am not prepared
he did say this maybe a regular event
will I or wont I?
cards........ a few sheets..maybe take my cutter with me
what do you think .....just the thing my Mum is a card maker too and she has just went on holiday for 2 weeks
any ideas will be greatly welcomed
It means I will be quiet...... but here...... if you know what I mean

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kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi laney
where will it be... go on go for it... i will try and come and visit you... i know you can do it....!!!! and you might kick yourself if you dont give it a go....!!!! and then your mam might kick you for not givin it a go... lol and if its on all the time .. you can check it out this time round and your mam might be go with you the next time...