Saturday, 27 November 2010

The weather today in Newcastle

Hi ladies
its definately a crafty day today this is our weather and its going to get worse, thought I'd share some pics Brrr!!! This is the River Tyne looking Directly over to Gateshead..taken from my bedroom window
stay safe and stay warm!!


Anne said...

Definitely a day for the craft room Laney! We had snow overnight in Perth but it's been a beautifully sunny day today. Heard there's more on the way so snuggle down! Hugs x

Love crafts forever said...

WOW!!!! I feel sorry for you. I don't like cold Winter. Brrr. It's very windy here in CANADA, but noooo snow. I can see, lot's cards will be posting from your blog. LOL. Hugs. Nat

chrissy xx said...

My daughter-in-laws Dad should have come down from Newcastle yesterday lol. He couldn't get his car out sooooo had to stop home! Not to bad in Lancashire Yet!
p.s. Will call back to look at your cards.

Margreet said...

Wow have a beautiful look from your bedroom window!!!...nice photo's....I still want to thank you for the award...I feel very honoured....I have to make time to put it on my blog....I enjoyed the Magnolia event and hope to show my new stamps tomorrow....enjoy your (cold) evening!
xxx Margreet

Ann said...

Gorgeous photos but sadly that's where snow should stay - on pictures.
In real life - no not keen
Ann xxx

Dawn said...

Laney, you have been busy, such beautiful work. Those boxes are brilliant. x