Thursday, 28 July 2011

What I've been up to! Bridal Horseshoes

Making Bridal Horseshoes!!
I made one of these last week for a friend of a friend as she had been all over and couldnt find any to buy, she then showed the lady in the bridal shop who has asked if I could do her some samples, I have no idea what to charge for them..any help welcome..what would you pay LOL!! the boxes are 8 inches by 8 inches so they arent small and I have lined with papers from Bearlymine Designs Damask Delight..Donna's papers are so versatile I dont have to look too far for what I want!!, I did 2 with lace and 2 without and one of those in ivory and gold, I dont want to ask too much but would like a fair price for my work...please help LOL!!


Lou Mac said...


How much to charge?! The EARTH!! HA! But seriously.. like.. a LOT. These are worth a LOT! They're just amazing. I would pay anything from £10-£15 for one of these.. but then I know how much work goes into something like this..


Marie said...

They are really wonderful. Absolutly smashing!
Love n hugs

chris richards said...

Hi Laney, these are stunning.....I agree with LOU
MAC, a good ten or twelve pounds each sounds really fair to me,but they are lovely
love and hugs
chris richards

Brenda Brown said...

Great work Laney - what a lovely idea and so well made as everything of yours is.
I have no idea what things like these cost - sorry can't help here, but you must cover your costs in materials as well as some for your time.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Vicky said...

Wow Laney....they are so gorgeous hun and I would easily pay £15-20 for them :o)

hugs Vicky xx

Donna said...

Oh Elaine, these are absolutely gorgeous, it's no wonder the lady wants some samples. Wish you all the best with selling them. I have no idea what to charge, as I always undercharge for things I make.
Donna xx

Rebekah said...

Gosh how fab Laney such wonderful work hugs Rebekah xx

Colette Colman said...

Hi Laney
They are fab. Businesses usually want to make a 50% markup - so if people would pay £10-£15 that means you could sell them to the shop for £5-7.50. Hope that helps. Good to see you back on the 'group' :)

Kim. said...

These are stunning and not surprised you have been asked for samples. As for price I wouldn't know but I do know they hike the price up on wedding gifts as they are 'supposed' to be a one time only purchase.
Kim xXx

coldwaters2 said...

Wow Laney these are absolutely beautiful, what amazing creations love them.
Lorraine x